The complainant, Clara Kan, said she and her mother

## ## Man offers apology after shouting racist slurs at Richmond women

asking you and your community for forgiveness for the verbal abuse on May 8, 2020, the man said in a letter made public Friday by Richmond RCMP. breeds hate, and during these times we need to be more loving and understanding. RCMP investigation into the incident, which occurred last Friday at Garry Point Park in Steveston, has concluded.The complainant, Clara Kan, said she and her mother were walking in the park when two men in a vehicle yelled racist comments at her. Kan also alleged that the driver revved his engine and made motions as if to run them over before driving away.In addition to speaking with police, Kan posted a description of the incident on social media in which she suggested the responding officer did not take her complaint seriously.RCMP insisted Friday that was not the case. want to ensure the public that our officer was following the policy, procedures and legal requirements of an officer in the lawful execution of their duty, said Cpl. Adriana Peralta.RCMP added that they have identified and interviewed the individuals in the vehicle, and provided an excerpt from an apology letter written by the unidentified man who shouted the racist comments.According to police, Kan has read the letter, reportedly forgiven the man, and expressed her gratitude to the RCMP.Metro Vancouver has seen a marked increase in reports of anti Asian incidents during the COVID 19 pandemic. Vancouver police said last week that there have been 20 anti Asian hate crimes reported this year, including 11 last month alone compared with a total of 12 in 2019.

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